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IMAGE: James Dodd, Ride With Prince, 2005 (detail).
Collage painting, stencil screen, light box
200 cm x 180 cm x 150 cm. Photo: Din Heagney.


Founder & Curator of BOX

BOX art project (2005-07) was in a corner entrance window on Elizabeth St in Melbourne CBD, wedged between a bank and a motorbike shop. Din started the project as a way to extend participation in contemporary art and the project was generously supported by Floate Design.

Din curated a series of one-off installations from artists including: Anita King, Constanze Zikos, Pandarosa, AMAC, James Dodd, Regan Tamanui, Naomi Tettmann, Lyndal Walker, Jessica Hutchison, Yasemin Sabuncu, Roh Singh, Matchbox Projects, Red Cabbage, Marilyn Jeanette, Jeana Bajic and Luke Noble.

It was beautiful fun with bankers, bikers and artists on the street.